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Black Ribbon covert Binoculers

06.12.2013 - Black Ribbon covert Binoculers. Und Nadja covert Jobst. Pnktlich zum Nikolaustag vermelden wir nachtrglich mit den Worten von Black Ribbon:

/// When we were both asked to contribute to a compilation of songs featuring artists that have been playing events of Dsseldorfs Lama Musik concert group, Nadja and I immediately had the idea to cover each others songs.

I thought about how to approach one of Nadjas songs (i love them all) and the idea came to me to exclusively use electronic instruments. The process of rearranging this beautiful piece of music was a lot of fun and i grew a lot closer to my collection of synths. I hope you like it.

This song and Nadjas version of "Penguin Love" are availabe on the Lama Musik compilation "Das Alles Sind Wir!". ///

Mehr auf der Bandcamp-Seite von Black Ribbon aja Jobst M. Feit:


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